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Biolyzer Software


Welcome to the revolution in chlorophyll a fluorescence analysis!

Biolyzer software is a computer program designed for analyzing chlorophyll fluorescence data obtained with any fluorometer equipment. This software is used for evaluating the efficiency of plant photosynthesis. The analysis of photosynthetic effciciency can be used for detecting the presence of stress in plants, algae, and cyanobacteria. The expert will find Biolyzer very useful for classifying fluorescence data in order to determine plant groups that show different photosynthetic responses. The early detection of stress in plant cultivars (agricultural crops, plant fields, forest and urban trees, algae bioreactors) can help to prevent damage caused by stress factors, before it is too late. Biolyzer can be used for evaluating the efficiency of plant photosynthetic machinery, which is correlated with many types of stress factors.

Biolyzer software technology has been built using speed-optimized and robust algorithms for calculating the parameters of the JIP-Test, a pioneering technique for analysis of fast induced chlorophyll fluorescence OJIP signals measured in plant material (by plant I mean higher plants, green algae and cyanobacteria). Biolyzer® 5.0 software provides full calculations of the JIP-Test plus an incredible bunch of useful graphical and diagram tools for extracting more and more information out of your fluorescence data. With Biolyzer, you can learn and discover new plant knowledge! Biolyzer 5.0 has been particularly recognized as the best and the faster ever released version.

OK, but what is this Biolyzer for?

Biolyzer is not only a simple JIP-test calculator. Biolyzer provides professionally looking great colorful displays and sophisticated plots of multidimensional, large data sets and their components. Raw and processed data can be presented in a leading edge graphical way that allows the user to intuitively discover, analyze, and interpret new relationships within the data. This requires no prior knowledge of statistical methods or clustering techniques, and thus delivering analysis of complex data in a much simpler way.

Nice, so what?

Ok, nice, but what is JIP-test?

Based on the “Theory of Energetic Fluxes in Biomembranes”, the JIP-Test was introduced as a method for analysis of fast OJIP fluorescence induction kinetics by Professor Reto J. Strasser in [Strasser, 1995]. The JIP-test has been validated in many scientific publications and since 1999 Biolyzer, despite its initially limited capabilities at that time, quickly became the most popular software for calculating the JIP-Test as it had already some built-in simple graphic analysis tool. Which bring us back to the topic at hand – JIP-Test. This technique was introduced by Professor Reto Strasser and his collaborators while working at the Bioenergetics Laboratory of the University of Geneva. The JIP-test method is an excellent academic product that have been published in many peer-reviewed scientific journals and technical books.

I have Excel, why to use Biolyzer?

Biolyzer software was designed by a guy who was himself a phd student in the lab where JIP-Test was born for folks who are in photosynthesis research, but don’t necessarily have extensive experience with complicated computer programs. Biolyzer was created not for informatics “gurus”. Biolyzer brings to the table a powerful set of graphic and math tools in a super-intuitive user interface, so folks like you can spend time creating nice fluorescence experiment reports in a very short time rather than fighting to learn how to use complicated macros in the typical electronic sheet program or importing data into sophisticated plotting or math analysis software.

When you analyze data, you need to focus your full attention in the interpretation, and not in how to use an electronic table program to make a simple two dimensional plot. With Biolyzer you get more for the time you invest in measuring all those fluorescence curves and also for the money you expended to buy your fluorometer machine. So, if you’ve decided to get more information out of these fluorescence curves, then this is a good moment to start using Biolyzer 5.0 Software. Choosing Fluoromatics as your provider for chlorophyll fluorescence analysis software is a smart decision.

Biolyzer has built-in extensive capabilities for data pre-processing and post-processing, as well as for extraction of statistical summary information on raw data patterns. Interfaces and import routines for various tools such as Excel™, SPSS™, Sigma Plot™, and Origin™ make working with fluorescence curves much easier and more efficiently and help to build fast experiment reports on top of it.

Biolyzer is a program for doing JIP-test calculations and much more. But then again you probably already know that. But wait, there’s more. Biolyzer was originally built to serve a demand created when the JIP-test technique began coming on strong as the leader in fast fluorescence kinetics analysis. And since its first release in 1999, Biolyzer became a really useful tool for the implementation of the JIP-Test. And wherever fast fluorescence kinetics analysis goes, Biolyzer will follow.

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