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Welcome to Fluoromatics!

Fluoromatics Software provides software solutions for chlorophyll a fluorescence analysis, scientific modeling, data-mining and data analysis tools and services. Fluoromatics is a software engineering start-up with a vision as a future leader in the industry. We aim to develop software solutions for providing you with the best tools for making your plant research work goes faster and easier.

Our leading software, Biolyzer, is both, a boosting
fluorescence analysis tool and a powerful data-mining tool, that helps you to discover new plant knowledge, while you get the most out from your research work. Biolyzer speeds up your work while you enjoy the pleasure of discovery. Biolyzer is the best tool companion for your fluorescence analysis work and a must-have valuable investment for your laboratory.


Geneva, May 2nd 2015
Fluoromatics takes Biolyzer demo version offline and names new CFO

The Fluoromatics' management team announced today that the downloadable trial demo versions of Biolyzer will be not more free available online. The announce of taking offline the free trial version of Biolyzer comes after the implementation of a new marketing strategy designed by CFO Mr. Benjamin Schmid, new Chief Financial Officer of Fluoromatics Switzerland. A new financial policy fixes a unique price of Euro 250.00 for purchasing one single Biolyzer license. Those latest news from the Managing Team comes after the relaunching of Fluoromatics activities in April 2014. A new version, the Biolyzer 6.X series, which includes a large number of new features, bug fixes, and full compatibility with most popular operating systems, graphic tablets and smartphones, is on its way.
The Fluoromatics team expects to release the new version on Winter 2015. This new release will include a large number of new features, bug fixes, and full compatibility with Microsoft Windows 8.x, Mac OSX, and Linux. Also, an applicaation for smartphones and tablets is being prepared as well. The next generation Biolyzer has been boosted with faster and reliable algorithms, new analysis tools, improved interface, new fluorescence data management, and intelligent data-mining tools.

Biolyzer Software

Biolyzer is a computer program designed for analyzing chlorophyll fluorescence data measured with any fluorometer equipment. Biolyzer is intended for evaluating the efficiency of plant photosynthesis. The analysis of photosynthetic effciciency is applied for monitoring plant health status and for detecting the presence of stress in plants, algae, and cyanobacteria.

early detection of stress in plant cultivars (agricultural crops, plant fields, forest and urban trees, algae bioreactors) can help to prevent damage caused by stress factors, before it is too late.

The expert uses Biolyzer for
classifying fluorescence data in order to determine and characterize plant groups that show different photosynthetic responses.

Biolyzer is used for
evaluating the efficiency of plant photosynthetic machinery, which is correlated with many types of stress factors. Read more ...

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