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Who we are


Fluoromatics provides software solutions for chlorophyll fluorescence analysis, scientific modeling, and data analysis. We are a scientific software engineering and consulting star-up with a vision as a future leader in the industry.


In 1998 we developed the first JIP-Pipeline software tool and in 1999 we released the first version of our flagship product, Biolyzer® (initially called Fluolyzer®) as a freeware that inspired a totally new commercial software product called Biolyzer 5.0 released in 2007. In next years, our product line is expanding to include a suite of discipline-specific add-on modules for Photosynthesis, Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging Analysis, Photophysics Modeling, Photochemistry Modeling, Spectroscopy, Reflectance Analysis, Hyperspectral Imaging Analysis, and Artificial Neural Network for Data Mining and Pattern Recognition. We also plan to add new software capabilities for importing and exporting different commercial and home-made fluorometers data, and reflectometer data. We are implementing a novel project called the International OJIP Fluorescence Library that will help researchers to perform in-silica modeling and online numerical simulations of chlorophyll
a fluorescence phenomena.

Our Goals

Our goals at Fluoromatics Software are simple: build world-class software, conduct business with unconditional integrity, have gobs of fun and share that fun with others.

We aim to

  • Develop easy-to-use software for analysis, modeling and simulation of real world photobiological and photochemical systems.

  • Assist our users in getting the most out of our products.

  • Sustain and reinforce Fluoromatics's position as a leading provider and developer of scientific-technical computing software.

  • Make our technology the primary tool for engineers, researchers and lecturers within the fields of education and hi-tech product design.


New scientific and technical applications and processes involve interconnected properties and coupled phenomena, making modeling essential for their simulation. Enhancing your understanding of the fluorescence applications you work in can be of vital importance for developing superior basic research and applied science products.

Explore the links in this Website to learn how Fluoromatics Software can equip you with the power needed to gain the top edge, while bringing the added benefit of increased cost efficiency and scientific productivity throughout the whole development process.


Our customers are researchers and engineers working for leading technical enterprises, in both, privately and public funded research labs, research organizations and institutions worldwide. Our software lines help them design and develop new high-tech products. Our customers search for new energy sources, improve agriculture and plant knowledge, develop new plant research equipment and applications for food quality control, plant breeding lines, test new molecular engineered plants, create tools enabling more accurate plant health monitoring, and they educate the next generation of technologists and scientists.


For improving its analysis, modelling and simulation software tools, and in collaboration with the best academicians in the chlorophyll a fluorescence field, Fluoromatics carries out a privately funded scientific research program, to help the company to hold the highest standard in chlorophyll fluorescence knowledge. We want to be sure that our customers will get the best fluorescence tools in the market.

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