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What is new in version 5.0?


In 2006 was born the Fluoromatics goal of making available a professional tool for fast chlorophyll a fluorescence analysis. As the former free versions were completely obsolete and full of errors and compatibility issues, we decided to start a completely new software project from scratch. The name Biolyzer was kept and the version 5.0 was born.

Inside the Biolyzer 5.0 release, we find new advantages and exciting features:

  • Introducing new and faster methods and algorithms for rapid JIP-Test calculations.
  • 3-D plots of JIP parameters.
  • Fully customized carpet plots enabling to plot any number of chosen JIP Test parameters against its sequential number.
  • The new “Parameter normalization” tool that helps to visualize a group of JIP-test parameters in a normalized scale defined by any fluorescence sample as the reference.
  • The new “Parameter statistical deviation tool” for plotting bi-dimensional statistical error plots.
  • The new “Smoothing of raw curve” interface for improving the signal to noise ratio of your fluorescence raw data.
  • The new “Fluorocalc”, a user-defined function plotter, with its revolutionary equation editor used to mathematically combine any fluorescence curves (up to six raw curves) by using a user-defined math expression, comprising highly sophisticated equations, giving you the option to write any formula you need to operate mathematically up to six fluorescence raw curves and time as variables, with user-defined constants and with an instantaneous plot and tabulation of the math operation result.
  • New custom setup for the Pipeline model drawing tool.
  • New file format for the average curves that contains the standard error and standard deviation for each data point of the curve, and the whole constellation of descriptive statistics for each calculated JIP parameter value.
  • A new and more sophisticated fluorescence curve normalization interface, enabling to normalize fluorescence raw curves, complementary area curves, math operation curves, and smoothed curves.
  • The New F-derivative tool and the fluorescence integration tool for calculating area above or below a fluorescence curves or even the area between two fluorescence curves.
  • The “Complementary area” plot. It can be normalized (single and double normalization) according to any chosen curve reference.
  • The “Curve fitting tool” interface enabling to fit fluorescence signals to thousands of built-in fitting function models or user-defined fitting functions models.
  • The “Fluorescence cross plot”, enabling to plot any custom raw fluorescence curve against any other curve.
  • The new plot of Variable fluorescence against its complementary area and time as the third dimension.
  • Double hit analysis, which helps you to quickly analyze experimental data measurer with a first and second hit repetitions protocol.
  • Fluorescence transients can be plotted sequentially with time interval in between defined by the user.
  • The Data Explorer interface tool, which helps you to quickly explore and see your fluorescence data files before you load them into the program.

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